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Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion - Brandon Mull Will contain unhidden spoilers for the first book and hidden spoilers for the second.

Seeds of Rebellion is one of those books where the "whoa" factor increases the longer I think about it.

As with the first book in the series, I had problems with Seeds of Rebellion, but I can overlook or forgive most of them.

A few parts drag. When I read the book for the first time, Moira's story bored me a little and I wished she could have just summed it up in a few sentences, like so: "I fell in love with a giant and, only having seen him during the day, I did not know his other form. We had a child together before he told me his secret. This makes Aram a half-giant." Like that, but with better writing. I guess that Brandon Mull didn't go for that option because, since he can't show the event in present tense, he wanted to at least tell about it in detail.

This was a problem in Fablehaven as well, but the characters' (mainly Jason and Rachel) speech patterns don't match their age. The natives of Lyrian grew up speaking what's more typical of fantasy characters, so while their dialogue still required some willful suspension of disbelief, I could deal with it. And maybe Jason and Rachel just talk the same way because they're around all the other characters so much. Granted, it is more pleasant to read, but it still kept me from totally believing the main characters.

And poor Jason. The female main character gets the cool powers again? Yay for Rachel, but I hope he finds some way to compensate in the next book.

Those were my main pet peeves. As for everything else...

Arimfreakingfexendrapuse. This world is just so interesting. Mull creates his own species that are just familiar enough to keep you comfortable but unique enough to be interesting. The Amar Kabal are reminiscent of elves, but I love that they don't live extremely long lives--they just live a ton of average ones. I like the spin on the giant species, too. Displacers are just the coolest things ever, even though most of them are despicable. No, I don't say "most" just because I have a crush on Ferrin. Shut up. And the torivors. Great prongs of Dendalus. (He even made his own swear words. Yeeees.) So horrifying and foreign, yet so real.

The locations all have such interesting backstories. I hate the Sunken Lands even more than Rachel, so reading about it is both fascinating and disgusting. The Seven Vales sound beautiful, Ebera is horror-movie-bad just like Jason says, the jungle leaves me unsettled, and I loved that we spent some time in Ithilum--a simple town by the beach, mostly populated by thieves and bad entertainers ("Humbid has declared war on Ithilum!") but with some decent people left.

Then you have the characters. It got hard to keep track of some of them by the end, but I just love how much I can relate to most of them and they are well thought-out. I see a lot of myself in Tark, Ferrin, Nedwin, and Corinne. They all have interesting pasts, most of which threaten to break my heart a little. Ferrin's emotions are just so complex yet understandable--I could ramble about him for hours. Any mention of Drake pretty much makes me sad because this is his final lifetime and I don't ever want to lose his sarcasm. Those of you who say gingers don't have souls, I dare you to read about Nedwin and continue to believe it. Even Nollin isn't just the obnoxious guy who wants to prove everyone wrong. He makes mistakes; he has fears

This series may also be the only one where I actually ship characters who aren't canon. Don't judge me.

As you can see, I become a rambling mess when it comes to Beyonders. If anyone is still reading right now... bless your soul.

I'll just finish by saying that I can't wait for the next book, and now I think I will commence fangirling elsewhere.