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Eragon - Christopher Paolini Mixed feelings about this one. It was imaginative, and I wanted to reach the end. I liked Eragon's character more than I expected, especially how he reacted in a pretty realistic way to all the death he had to face. That's uncommon in a lot of fantasy literature.

However, some of it was painfully predictable and rather sexist. Come on. You're telling me you can imagine a city-mountain, dragons, Shades, and new languages, but you can't conceive of human women doing something besides cooking, sewing, complaining, or fleeing battles? The entire book doesn't even pass the Bechdel test, which is pathetic considering how long it is. Not to mention that Arya, cool as she is, is basically designed to be the love interest and not a stand-alone character. I've heard Christopher Paolini speak. He seems like a great guy and I doubt any of the sexism was really intentional, but it's still there... *sigh* We'll see how I feel in a few days.