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New Moon - Stephenie Meyer I've put off writing a review of Twilight for a long time. That, my friends, is because my opinion has drastically changed about it since I read it.

I'll sum up my feelings for the entire series in this analogy/metaphor/thingymajig that is not necessarily true: Once, long ago, I had a terrible crush on a boy. It got to the point where I was practically obsessed. I thought he was the greatest thing in the world... until I snapped out of it. I fell out of love with him. I spent a long time away from him, heard a few things others said about him, and suddenly he just wasn't so attractive anymore. I began to realize what an idiot he was, all the flaws he had, how too many girls liked him... and it was just plain annoying. Now anything the boy does gets on my nerves.

That's how it is with Twilight: I got into the series and loved it when I read it. A while after I stopped reading, all the hype about it began. I hardly went a day without hearing "OHMYGAWSH EDWARD IS SOOOOO DREAMY AND I'M SOOOOO GONNA MARRY HIM AND HIS CROOKED SMILE IS SOOOOO ATTRACTIVE!!!" It's like that over-played song on the radio that's only good the first couple of times you hear it. After that... well, I think you get the picture.

Note: This is copied and pasted from my review of the first book.