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Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me

Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me - Kristen Chandler I'm not sure if I'd give Wolves... a 3 or 2.5. My thoughts aren't too organized, seeing as I woke up at four this morning, so I'm going for the bullet-point route.

Good Stuff:

-K.J. had an enjoyable voice, usually, giving me a few laughs or "Oh, that's so true" moments.
-It's hard to be original these days, what with how many books people have already written, but Chandler still has some new methods of describing not-so-new ideas. I can definitely appreciate that. She also did pretty well at avoiding the purple-prose that plagues most YA novels today. There were still a few times when I wanted to roll my eyes.
-I thought the wolf descriptions were quite interesting, not to mention pretty and sometimes a little too relatable.

Not-As-Good Stuff:

-Remember how I mentioned K.J.'s narrative? As I said, I enjoyed it. However, a few passages rubbed my not-so-inner feminist the wrong way.
-The other characters weren't as developed as I would have liked. Most of the school kids, though funny and created with some elements of truth in them, were basically stereotypes.
-The main plot of the book irritated me a bit. It's not exactly ground-breaking, and the whole "Everyone in the town except the nerds and my relatives and my crush are against us and even though this jock kid has a good side to him he's the one to blame we have to get the town to listen to us" thing got boring after a while.

If you're wondering about content, it contains very mild swearing and some references to puberty. Nothing really questionable.

Overall, I wouldn't call Wolves... an amazing piece of literature, but it's a simple and fairly light read that can keep you entertained on a sick day.