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The Forgotten Locket

The Forgotten Locket - Lisa Mangum I need this to come out. I miss Abby and Dante and Zo and Valerie and Natalie and Leo and Jason and... and everybody.

I wonder if The Forgotten Locket will also start with "Is this a joke?" as the first sentence. Did anyone else notice that it was the first line for books one and two?

Enough rambling. Here are my predictions, which I will probably update frequently:

- Leo will elaborate on who "Sofia" is.
- Abby will meet Leonardo da Vinci.
- Valerie will get her sanity back.
- I want to say we'll get V and Tony back, but I'm not so sure...
- Hannah and Abby's dad will be part of the family again.
- Dante will recover his sight. I won't mind if he doesn't, though.
- Leo will be restored to his younger state as Dante's older brother.
- Abby will be able to go to Emery.
- Will Richard (Jason's friend) have a major role in the final installment, or is he just a side character so Jason can have a guy friend?
- Melissa Cooper will come into the spotlight.

I bet most of those will be wrong. Oh well. Hurry, Lisa Mangum! *squeals in excitement*