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The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness Flip. Flip. Flip. Fetch. Deuce. Schnikees. Flip. Flip. Freaking. Flip.

And those are my thoughts on The Knife of Never Letting Go.

In the first fifty pages, I had trouble getting used to the stream-of-consciousness sort of narrative, so I began the journey with some peeves about the storytelling and whatnot. Now, 427 pages later, I'm so flabberghasted that I don't even care about those minor issues. I loved this. I loved this.

Let me get one thing straight: I never cry in books. I've had two or three times where my eyes watered, but tears have never actually streaked down my face. This book changed that. I let a few tears go while I was actually reading, and during an emotional breakdown I had earlier today, I sobbed because I realized how much I felt like Todd. The only time I've connected with a character even close to this much was in The Fablehaven Series.

Patrick Ness has it all. One-liners, realistic dialogue, good descriptions, originality... You get the idea. I read the last 300 pages of this book in a matter of hours today.

My thoughts are still extremely jumbled from the exhausting reading experience I had, so I'm afraid this is the closest thing to a review you'll get.

...For Those of You Wondering About Content...

Violence: intense ideas; the descriptions aren't horribly gorey in detail, however
Language: one f-bomb; several other cuss words throughout
Other: deals with heavy--and I mean heavy--subject matter

If made into a movie, it would probably receive a PG-13 rating for violence, language, and thematic elements.