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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness I've waited too long to review The Ask and the Answer.

I do remember loving it--not as much as the first book, perhaps, but still loving it. As in The Knife of Never Letting Go, it had minor things that annoyed me, along with some typos, but these things didn't severely change my view of the story. I suppose I am still irritated that Todd let the Mayor go at the end, and I had a little trouble with the fact that two boys end up falling for Viola. What is with this trend in YA literature? Anyway.

...For Those of You Wondering About Content...

Violence: intense events, such as torture scenes; quite a bit of violence in general
Language: no f-bombs; other cussing throughout, but perhaps not as much as in the first book
Other: Again, the series is heavy. I would have some serious qualms about giving this to anyone under 13 or 14.

If made into a movie, it would probably receive a PG-13 rating for violence, language, and thematic elements.