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Blood Ties

Blood Ties - Garth Nix, Sean Williams **edited**

Probably my least favorite writing-wise so far. Lots of typos and maybe not as subtle as the other narrations. The authors made this strange choice to write Abeke and Tarik's dialogue with hardly any contractions ever, which really stuck out and sounded forced. Upon further investigation, though, I actually noticed that this was pretty common in the first two installments as well. It just happened to be more noticeable here for some reason.


I really liked where Meilin's character went--I particularly enjoyed the passages that took place in the bamboo maze. It was nice to see her relationship with Jhi make some progress. And good thing. With all the trauma she's endured, she needs a cuddly panda friend. Poor girl.

I'll continue with the series, of couse. These two authors just maybe weren't my cup of tea for this particular storyline. I went to an event with all the Spirit Animals authors, and I quite liked Garth Nix and Sean Williams' presentations, so maybe the problem is that I forget the series is targeted toward preteens and I'm almost twenty... Eh.