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Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters - Shannon Hale

Just a quick review. I may come back to it later, but judging by the vast amounts of "reviews" from me that still say "more to come later", it's no guarantee.


As always, Shannon Hale's prose doesn't disappoint. She always has such unique metaphors and descriptions. It's a pretty read.


The plot can be predictable sometimes, emphasis on the sometimes, due to the sheer number of princess stories out there already, but that's forgivable. As Hale said herself at a recent book signing, "It's not the idea. It's how you tell it."


I didn't attach to these characters as much as others of Hale's, but they're likable and solid enough. There are some fun new additions like Fat Hofer, and of course Astrid, Felissa, and Susanna.


The thing that sticks out to me about Princess Academy is the actual academy part. So many princess movies have girls "learning how to be princesses" when it's really just learning how to look pretty and wave right. Olana, however, teaches the academy girls about things like commerce and diplomacy and history, which Miri now has to pass onto the swamp sisters. Bless these books for that if nothing else.