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Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer I'm not pasting my review of the other three books because I felt differently about Breaking Dawn. I disliked it from the start.

First of all, Bella... I know she's an idiot, but she was at her worst in this one. She gets married--at 18, no less, to the only boy she's ever dated--for sex. Plus, she's worse after she becomes a vampire. She's oh, so confident because she's beautiful and that's all she'll ever need. Now she can finally measure up to Edward's regal, sparkly, stalkery vampire-ness. Yaaaay. How material and manipulative can you get?

Second, the ending was stupid. A fourth of the book is spent building up to a battle that doesn't. Even. Happen. Everything is just hunky-dory, not to mention cheesey and completely unrealistic. The book sat for weeks on my shelf because I couldn't force myself to pick it up and read through 200 more pages of pointlessly waiting and worrying.

Third, Renesmee? I just... I have no words.

The only things that I enjoyed in this book were Jacob's chapter titles. The end.