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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins January 6, 2014: I have taken my previous reviews down for personal reasons and written up my main issue with the series instead. If you liked or commented on those older versions, feel free to revoke your feedback. I'm not here to hoard likes and comments that are no longer relevant.

I once went to see a few of my friends in their high school winter play. Even though they used mics, only a few actors projected well enough for me to hear them. Many audience members had the same experience.

When the play was over, someone asked me for my thoughts. It was hard for me to give an accurate response. After all, I had missed most of Peter's lines, several of Hook's, and gave up on even trying with the Lost Boys. So I said that, while I enjoyed it, I wished I could have understood it. My Acting I professor explained it best when he told my class, "Theatre isn't good if you can't hear it."

This was my experience with The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Do they have good lessons to teach? I would think so. Is there much to learn and relate to for the characters? Maybe. Are there many aspects of the novel I could apply to modern times? I'm sure. However, the writing was ineffective at communicating any of this to me. That makes it difficult for me to say that they were good or that I enjoyed them. Emotions are my mode of transportation from one world to the next, and the writing did not make me, as an individual, feel enough to get from point A to point B while enjoying the scenery.

So don't ask me for my thoughts on the series. Read it yourself, if you feel so inclined and, if you're like me, ask the school to fund diction classes or just consider investing in some serious hearing aids.