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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins I know I've pretty much said I don't like this series... and I don't. I just feel obligated to follow through with it, so I'll probably end up reading Mockingjay, regardless of what my opinion on the other two books may be. I'm not going to be waiting in line for sixteen hours to get the first copy, but I'm sure I'll get around to reading it eventually.

Since most others are making predictions, maybe I'll do the same. (I won't be all that surprised if this isn't how it turns out... I'm sort of doing this for my own enjoyment.)

1. I almost want to say that Katniss ends up with Gale and breaks Peeta's heart for the 123483204392nd time. HOWEVER, I also think she could pull a Steven Spielberg* and not choose either. Maybe Peeta will end up with Madge or something.

2. Haymitch will die.

3. Katniss will kiss both Peeta and Gale in an oh-so-desperate attempt to find out who she loves.

4. Yet another boy will be attracted to Katniss.

5. Effie will have a green wig. Perhaps purple.

I also have to wonder what's going to happen in nine months. Katniss said she was pregnant, so... Peeta and Katniss obviously can't take it back without repercussions. I think people would notice if she's supposed to be 8 months pregnant and she hasn't gained a single pound. Maybe Cinna could start a maternity line of clothing in her honor. I'm out of theories for that little dilemma.

Okay, I don't actually dislike the books that much. I just enjoy making fun of stuff. Pardon me.

*That's what my drama teacher calls it. I'm not trying to insult Spielberg.