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Brody's Ghost, Volume 1

Brody's Ghost, Volume 1 - Mark Crilley 3.5 stars.

When I said this would be a quick read, I underestimated myself. I read the first volume of Brody's Ghost in half an hour. Not that this is a huge accomplishment, because the book really is quite short. It's hard to give a solid rating to something that only took up thirty minutes of my time.

I liked the artwork. Brody and Talia's character designs were quite interesting and easy on the eyes, and while Brody's Ghost isn't as "manga-y" as the graphic novels I see my friends reading, it still is a manga style. The plot (or beginnings of it) wasn't groundbreaking, but I kept reading because I'm interested in the genre, and it wasn't clichéd enough to make me put the book down.

I got a bit annoyed with Talia's "ya" instead of "you" and "gotta" instead of "got to"--I couldn't tell if she was supposed to have a New York accent or if it was meant to make her seem more girly or if it was just a stylistic choice.

So, not blow-your-socks-off-can't-stop-thinking-about-it-amazing, but not bad, either. I'll probably check out the sequels when I get money to spare.